In response to the similar conceptual approaches used by Aida Silvestri and Yto Barrada I have photographed my own interpretation of the situation, however conceptually my approach is more about the border in which we have to cross in order to live somewhere else which is why I have located my subject on the border of the walls surrounding Chester. Although obviously the struggle to cross is not upon the same level as it is for those illegally fleeing from Africa, the representation of the border which keeps us located in a certain place is clearly visible.

I have chosen to cover the face of my subject to remain anonymous much like Silvestri and Barrada in order to create no distractions from the meaning in which I am depicting visually via a reconstructed representation of a refugee’s struggle to freely leave their homeland. The scarf covering the face of my subject in this situation represents the struggle to see where they are going and enhance the fact that moving from one place to another is not so straightforward for some people.


Au Naturel.

In today’s lecture we deconstructed images using metaphors and allegories.

Metaphor: A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.

Allegory: A story, poem, or picture, which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning other than a literal one, typically a moral or political one.

My allegorical deconstruction of Sarah Lucas’, Au Naturel, 1994.


Behind the artistic interpretation of adult humour within this piece lies a tender, vulnerable, narrative of a suffering relationship due to natural changes the female body faces over time. The objects represent human genitalia and lying in these particular places on the mattress implies the representation of a relationship. The relationship appears to be worn out suggests the old dirty mattress. Which lies upright and closing in on a fold which could be an indication of the relationship beginning to expire and close down towards an end. The bucket and melons represent the effects a woman’s body faces after childbirth, it suggest the question of weather the change of an appearance will affect a relationship.

Although the work appears to be quite humorous it’s only till you take a step back and think that you realise it’s quite a fragile story of a common factor which affects relationships. This piece can and has been interpreted in many ways but the way in which I’ve explained the hidden meaning seems to be the most popular deconstruction within our culture.


Whilst dashing around London from gallery to gallery I managed to take a few photographs of what caught my eye. Here I deconstruct and analyse why I may have taken them and what they represent to me.


To start off I know exactly why I took this photograph, the music these buskers were playing was some of the happiest melodies I’ve ever heard. The individuals were gleaming with joy and enthusiasm. It was close to impossible to walk by without at least smiling, these guys put me in a great mood from the start of the day and throughout. I feel it’s important to keep busking alive, by dropping even loose change to entertainers you make it worth while for them to spend their time performing in the street, raising spirits and moods all year round.

Trafalgar Square.

Having passed Trafalgar Square a dozen times I’m unsure why this composition sprung out to me on this day, there was something about the blueness of the sky reflecting upon the water in the fountains that caught my attention. The colours were naturally enhanced due to the bright sunlight but the sheer oddity of the hanh/cock which occupies the plinth in-between the richly historical engagement of the square is what steals the centre of this image. Perhaps unconsciously I took this photograph as an appreciation of my fascination with contemporary art and or how art changes over time.


This sight draw my attention for the amount of detail, everything seems to have been placed in that exact way for a reason but it just so happens that the building was under construction and the bus passing was at the right time.

I guess in a way this deals with a narrative of time, as the building is slowly constructed over time, the bus passes at a certain time moving people from location to location over the course of the day enabling them to be in a particular location at a certain time. And the tree occupies the frame with how it has naturally grown in that way over the passage of time.

Yoko Ono quotes “Time is a concept that humans created.” I feel this is an incredibly ignorant statement, perhaps due to the fact I’m not a fan of her anyway but it occurred to me that the passage of time is a part of nature, it’s not a concept at all, it’s simply that we have identified it and named it, we are not controlled by it or at least we don’t have to be.

Photographer's Gallery.

As the day came to a close whilst sat in The Photographers Gallery as our last location we noticed a rainbow occupying the sky outside of the window in front of us. My fascination with colour and light compelled me to photograph the rainbow. I owe this fascination within the optical and meteorological phenomenon to my interest in photography. The scientific understanding of the reflection and refraction of light within the water droplets is closely related to  those scientific elements of  photography I adore specifically to how simply we make and see images but the complex science behind it is endless.